When we accurately understand the true nature and depth of social problems we can address them effectively. William Matson is dedicated to harnessing the power of data and collaboration to address difficult community issues, including health disparities, poverty and homelessness.

Matson co-founded Pathways Community Network Institute in 1998. Pathways is a nonprofit organization that - in partnership with sister nonprofit Municipal Information Systems Inc - helps government and nonprofit leaders collect, understand and utilize human services data. Pathways data analysis gives these leaders important insights as they work to improve the effectiveness of health and poverty initiatives. Its studies have been used to inform government funding allocation processes and to set realistic, achievable community goals.

For six years, William Matson led a data-related national trade association - the National Human Services Data Consortium - through its strongest growth period, as attendance at its semiannual conferences doubled and the organization's board grew in depth and experience.

Prior to joining the nonprofit sector, William Matson was a major market radio news anchor and reporter. His work was featured on the ABC, NBC, CBS, NPR and BBC networks. He also contributed articles to Gannet Newspapers and served as a regional general desk editor at United Press International (UPI). He received more than a dozen awards during his journalism career.

Matson is married, lives in Atlanta, Georgia, and loves to travel.